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by Sasha Dawn

A really good murder mystery full of twists and turns and red herrings.

Penny And Her Song
by Kevin Henkes

I liked this book because I like singing too.

Penny And Her Marble By Kevin Henkes
by Kevin Henkes

I liked reading the book because Penny is sneaky and funny.

Groundhog Day
by Gail Gibbons


Secrets in Death
by J. D. Robb

Love this series.

A Walk in the Woods
by Bill Bryson

Fascinating account of one man's determination to rediscover America along the Appalachian Trail. ( I am not one to go camping; I can do day-hiking but I fully appreciate all the endeavors of those who thru-hike this magnificent trail.) The author does start the trip with a companion, then traverses a length of it solo, and eventually plans to meet up with his friend again so they can finish up their journey through Maine. This book is hilarious, informative, frightening and engaging. I ended up researching all kinds of OTHER subjects, such as glaciers, flora and fauna, even a venture into Luxembourg! I can't recommend this book highly enough!

Temptations Darling
by Johanna Lindsey

I love Johanna Lindsey. She was the one that got me hooked on romance and on reading in high school. This one is a lot better than some of her more recent regency novels. I am glad her writing is a bit better this time around.

Shelter in Place
by Nora Roberts

A lot of twists and turns from a mall shooting and causes a lot of victims to have PTSD. So many things to handle and the trauma surrounds it. Review by J.K.

House of Robots
by James Patterson

very good book

I Love You So Mochi
by Sarah Kuhn

A cute book about a girl who is into creating her own outfits but is misunderstood by her mother. Kimi goes to visit her grandparents in Japan, where she meets a boy and explores the culture. The distance between her and her mother help them better understand each other.

The Midnights
by Sarah Nicole Smeta

Vety good book

Notes From The Dog
by Gary Paulsen

Fourteen-year-old Finn is a loner, living with his dad and his amazing dog, Dylan. This summer he’s hoping for a job where he doesn’t have to talk to anyone except his pal Matthew. Then Johanna moves in next door. She’s 10 years older, cool, funny, and she treats Finn as an equal. Dylan loves her, too. Johanna’s dealing with breast cancer, and Matthew and Finn learn to care for her, emotionally and physically. When she hires Finn to create a garden, his gardening ideas backfire comically. But Johanna and the garden help Finn discover his talents for connecting with people.

The Rifle
by Gary Paulsen

A treasured rifle passed down through generations is the cause of a tragic accident in this timely tale. With subtle mastery and precision, this tough, thought-provoking novel challenges the idea that firearms don't become instruments of destruction and murder until they are placed in human hands.

Ghost Cat
by Kevan Atteberry

This story was about a young boy that follows a ghost cat around his house- a ghost cat that behaves eerily like his old cat did once. The young boy wonders why the ghost cat never stays for more than a few moments .

by Gary Paulsen

Mudshark is the go-to guy for any mysteries that need solving. Lost your shoe? Can’t find your homework? Ask Mudshark. That is, until the Psychic Parrot takes up residence in the school library and threatens to overturn Mudshark’s position as the guy who knows all the answers. The word in school is that the parrot can out-think Mudshark. And right now, the school needs someone who’s good at solving problems. There’s an escaped gerbil running rampant, an emergency in the faculty restroom, and all the erasers are disappearing from the classrooms. When Mudshark solves the mystery of who’s stealing the erasers, he discovers the culprit has the best of intentions. Now he has to think of a way to prevent the Psychic Parrot from revealing the eraser-thief’s identity. With a bit of misdirection and a lot of quick thinking, Mudshark restores order to the chaos just for the moment.
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